Worry and Thinking.

So it’s very interesting to be taking a class in which you talk about problems that you have.

For example I am in an abnormal psych class which is where we learn about different mental illnesses and stuff. I was also diagnosed with anxiety disorder three years ago. So recently when we have been talking about anxiety in class it has been very very interesting. Its odd at the same time to hear him say certain things and be like: wow that is totally me. Although some of it makes me a little upset. Like when he was speaking about general anxiety disorder, he did a little skit about how those with the disorder act and I don’t think I act that way at least on the outside. Also he said people tend to get very annoyed with the people. Which may be true I do think a lot of my friends get annoyed when I worry. And if I annoy you sometimes I am very sorry. I try not to worry too much.

Also I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want from life. I want a family, probably with Justin because I am pretty sure i am in love with him. I want a nice house with a few dogs. I just want a good life. I don’t want a lot of money just a good place to live to raise my kids. Yes i want kids 4 of them probably. I’m not sure though I will start with 2 them see if i want more but probably 4. One named Dexter. Not because of the show, i have always liked that name.

Anyway that enough rambling. Sorry 😦


One thought on “Worry and Thinking.

  1. You were not rambling, not at all. Look at my last post…haha. Now THAT is rambling. 😛

    I never even knew you had anxiety … I think I do too but I’ve never been to the doctor for it. I just deal. I can see how that might be weird to have them talk about something “that you have” and spin it in a negative way. At least you deal/handle it very well. Like I said I never knew. And O boy do I worry… I tell ya. Haha.

    4 kiddos huh? Me too. We’ll see though. Josh only wants 2. Now if only I’d get pregnant… 😛

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