MIA and 11 Months

Yes, Yes I know I have been missing lately. I have been meaning to blog things have been going on I just have no motivation at all. It’s kind of sad. But today I hope to crank out a few blogs on the things that have been going on. There will be this post, and one about a nice day of warm weather and one on my birthday.


Ren Fest 🙂

So today is a little special, I have been with Justin for 11 months as of today. Longest I have been in a relationship in a long time but I couldn’t be happier. We just click and everything just feels in place when were together. I’m not saying we are perfect what couple is? Everyone gets crabby and argues. It is a little sad that we don’t get to be together very often though. Just weekends for right now. For another year actually, until my schooling is over. It kinda sucks. I’m sure we will be fine :). Then comes the question of what happens after. It looks like moving to Rochester, since that’s were his job is. I don’t mind, its a nice town. And only an hour  from my family but I guess part of me wanted to have my kids grow up around where I did but I’m sure he feels the same. We will work it out. But this is for you Justin. I love you so much! ❤


On My 21st


All Cuddled Up


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