Spring Break and 21 years.

So my spring break was 3 weeks ago and what a fantastic week it was for it. The weather was nice and warm and it was just gorgeous out.  So Cameo, Joe, and myself decided to go for a walk down by the falls around here. Man it was wonderful! The falls were so pretty and there was even still ice and it was hilarious, but made climbing impossible so we didn’t get to explore as much as we wanted. But it was a nice bonding time for the three of us. After the walls we went to go get sandwiches and we ate outside down by the river.

Later that week was my birthday. my 21st birthday to be exact. And it was awesome! Justin came and surprised me by taking the day off it was awesome! I thought he was coming up more around 1pm and he was there right when I got up. He gave me a wonderful coffee maker, which I use a lot. One of those kurig ones, so that i can make just one cup at a time. He also brought me flowers. They were lovely. We hung out all day and my roommate got home around 4ish and my cousin came over and we all went out to the bar to get dinner and drink. Once there more of my friends showed up, once the got off work, or just once we were don eating. It was so much fun we all drank and went to a few bars. It was a blast and it was so nice out! a good way to spend a birthday:)

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5 thoughts on “Spring Break and 21 years.

  1. Thanks. I will have to try that some time. Maybe when we have craft day I can do a slide show of all the fun, sweet crafts we do. 🙂

    Haha… too bad you’ll only turn 21 once. Now soon you’ll be old like us. Muahhahahah! 🙂

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