Do you remember finals? Were you up all night or did you just wing it?

It’s a stressful time here at school. Finals week. DUN DUN DUN!

Today is the worst day for me. (And i’m blogging). I had one final this morning, the one i was most concerned about. I’m not sure how I did but i was awake and alert. A big thanks for that goes to Justin and the wonderful coffee machine he got me. I had studied the night before and this morning before I went to take the test but it was hard. I have never been good at memorizing and so Zoology hasn’t been easy for me, but i need it for anatomy so I took it. Hopefully I did okay.

Next up for me today is Abnormal Psych., which i will study for eventually. First I have papers to write 4 to be exact. 2 due tomorrow morning, 1 due Thursday morning, and 1 due by the end of finals. That is what my goal is today to get at least 2 finished and the third one outlined if not more than that. And write another blog or two. 🙂 I am feeling ambitious, or maybe it’s just the coffee. 🙂 Hope everyone’s day is going well.


How I will feel tonight.

Here are some visuals if you need to picture how I’m feeling.

How I’m feeling now


3 thoughts on “Finals

  1. You can do it Kell! Hard work will pay off. I think for me sometimes I would stay up so late and wake up early, barely sleep cause I was nervous about a final. But sometimes ya gotta wing it too. Man, I can barely remember those days…school. O how I feel old. 😉

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