Strange things.

All it takes is one week or two to make everything different. Or even sometimes just a day. These last few weeks and especially today has been one of those times.
First I am writing this on mu kindle :). Also school ended. Not entirely a bad thing just meant a change of pass in my days. However, in the same week of finals I got a job working at the Walmart in Hudson. So far the job hasn’t been bad. I work in sporting goods so it’s a lot of hunting, fishing, and camping stuff right now. But today I found out I will be starting to work weekends. Whhich ducks because that’s the only time I really get with Justin. I’m sure we will work it out though we are tough. So that’s different not bad as long as it doesn’t interfere too much.
Then there is also my online classes which started today. I’m actually really excited about the first one cause its Greek and Latin. But it still means homework on top of a job.
Lastly last night I found out my grandfather was brought to the hospital. And today we found out that it was worse than we thought. He needs major surgery which may happen tomorrow. Its scathe and I’m worried hopefully it will all be ok.


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