Lazy Day

Today is like the ultimate lazy day. I worked a full shift yesterday and now have today off, plus it’s raining which makes me not want to do anything anyway. So this is me. Curled up on my chair in my room in front of my desktop with coffee and a bagel with my window slightly open watching the rain (don’t worry no rain is getting in.) I also happen to be looking up Dragon speech software because the reason I haven’t been blogging is because I never feel like typing one up until this morning and when I do try typing one I feel like it is not long enough and therefore not done so I don’t post it and that is why I have been gone so long. So I’m sorry but I’ll write a longer one now about recent events then maybe another one about past events in the last few months.

So I also had Sunday and Monday off which was nice. Monday I went boating with Justin, Joe, Cameo and Mark (who had the boat). It was awesome! We went on the St. Croix river which I had never been in a speed boat on and it was nice. We even went tubing for a bit. Mark told us you couldn’t flip the tube everyone had tried and failed to do it. But when Cameo and Joe were on it he managed to flip it really well. It was a pretty spectacular flip. So when Justin and I got on I told Mark to take it easy on us because I didn’t want to get flipped because my brother used to do that to me and it wasn’t all that pleasant. Mark stuck to his word but we still got some air and had a lot of fun! Sadly no pictures on the day just sunburns and some videos of the tubing. Also all the memories ❤

Sunday Justin and I decided to go to the Minnesota zoo together to have some quality time together and to go see the dinosaurs. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to go on a date even if it was just to the zoo, we both really like the zoo, we have membership in fact so if anyone wants to go with me I get 1 person in free :). We thought the dinos were really neat and well done too. I thought it was interesting that they didn’t use a lot of the ones people would know but used ones in the same family that looked similar. It was a very good day, and nice and cool to be outside, and we managed to not got hit by the rain at all. I do have some pictures from this day.

So that has been my week so far. It’s been great 🙂 

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One thought on “Lazy Day

  1. I’m so glad your week has been good so far. I’m having a lazy day today too. It’s nice on rainy days. Glad you finally blogged. FYI: I love the zoo…so I could go with you sometime. 🙂

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