Not to worry, I am not addicted to anything serious. No drugs for me. But I do get addicted to games, books, and tv shows fairly easily. For example Wednesday when I had my lazy day besides dishes that’s all I did. When I woke up after breakfast I started playing World of Warcraft. I also turned on netflixs and after some deciding chose private practice. But that may be another blog. I played for a bit alone not sure how long maybe 2 hours or so and then about 2 hours or so with my friend Joe until my computer decided it was time to update and re-started on me. At that point I figured my computer was telling me something and got up to do dishes. I got through most of them, some of the pans I didn’t but as I waited for some dishes to soak I started a book my sister had let me borrow called Matched. And man is it
good I got to chapter 8 and decided to finish washing the soaking dishes and be done for then. After that I went back to WoW and Private Practice and played the rest of the night with more of the book being read right before bed. Without a doubt I can say I’m addicted to all 3p things 😛




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