Left Overs

I need to stop getting them. Or eat more, or split the food with someone. Because I do not eat leftovers. Ever. I sometimes eat leftovers of food that I make like tuna or mac and cheese, but something from a restaurant rarely. Sometimes when its pasta I may re eat it but that really it.
But it makes our fridge pretty bad because Cameo and Justin barely eat leftovers either but they both get them too and they just sit there in our fridge waiting to be eaten sometimes for a really long time. đŸ˜¦ Do you eat leftovers?


One thought on “Left Overs

  1. Yes. I am a ‘i hate to waste’ type of person so I always try to eat leftovers. I for sure eat ones that I’ve cooked and try and eat the restaurant ones too. But sometimes restaurant leftovers aren’t very good.

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