So I move tomorrow, and I am kind of nervous. I don’t like moving, I hate seeing all my stuff packed into boxes and everything seeming so empty. But I am also excited. Living with 3 other people should be fun, and interesting at the very least. I am glad that Cameo (my current roommate) is moving with me <3. I think that will make it easier. Plus knowing the other 2 girls is nice too and having lived down the hall from them for 2 years I know them and their habits pretty well. I am also excited to have in unit washer/dryer and 2 bathrooms! It should be really nice.I just hate all the boxes. But maybe when i unpack I’ll actually keep things organized.
About packing. I am mostly done already except for pots and pans and the food, and i’m not sure what to do now. I’m debating packing the trunk of my car in a bit. But i’m not sure how hot my trunk gets but i guess if its just my clothes and stuff it doesn’t matter. I’m not sure yet. I’ll decide eventually and then tomorrow bright and early (7:40am) we go get our keys and go check out the new place and do an initial clean. I’ll try to take pictures between boxes. 🙂


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