Roommates and settling in

Apparently moving and then starting school right away makes you not blog for a month. But that’s okay now that a mostly steady schedule has been achieved I can blog more regularly. 🙂
Moving went well though we had fantastic help from my family and some of our work friends and the boyfriends, so me and cameo managed to get out of our place and into the new one in just over a day. Sadly I didn’t really get any pictures but that’s okay we had lots of stuff. One of the other roommates moved in the same day so she helped us too. It was fun actually but tiring too. Luckily nothing got broke until later that night and I was the one who broke both things, and they were accidents, both glass but both things were mine. 🙂
Since then its been a flurry of unpacking and settling in. The two new roommates are fantastic. They are girls I met freshman year and we have been friends since. Emily and cassie. It’s nice being able to live with friends and not strangers and I think its going really well so far. No major problems (that I know of lol). And we did get to go out and have a roommate night at chili’s a while ago and that was just plain awesome! We all get along well and so we spent a lot of the time joking around and catching up from summer. And then we all donated money and intensely colored the chili to show off our donations. We also managed to have a group dinner that I made with justin and mark, cameo’s boyfriend, and our friend zeke and that was fun too. 🙂

All in all the three of them help me keep my sanity and I love them all dearly.

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