Atari the pug.

2013-01-25 10.40.42

This is Atari, Justin’s Pug. Well our pug now. 🙂 Ain’t she beautiful? We love her. She is not without her little quirks though. As with any pug she snores all the time. A lot of people think that would be annoying. I don’t notice it anymore shes just too cute and loving. For those of those who don’t know here is an excerpt from wikipedia page on pugs, “The pug is a toy dog with a wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curled tail. The breed has a fine, glossy coat that comes in a variety of colors and a compact square body with well-developed muscle. They have been described as multum in parvo (“much in little”), referring to the pug’s personality and small size.” g is not the typical fawn color

So our pug is black not the typical fawn color. She is also skinny for a pug, most pugs are larger. Atari is very silly though. She has this obsession with small tennis balls, it is most amusing. She has started branching out to other toys but her favorite is the balls. She will chase one and then chew it and then like stalk it which she does close to the couch so that when she pounces it ends up under the couch. Then she will whine until some ones retrieves it. She also hates to wear clothes. When you put something on her she locks her legs and just stands there. Or she runs in  circles up and down the stairs trying to get it off. She is so silly. Here are more pictures! (One even in a tutu.)

2013-01-25 10.41.40 2013-01-26 16.55.40 2013-01-26 16.55.47


2 thoughts on “Atari the pug.

  1. She is SO STINKING CUTE!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    There are fewer pleasures in the world than playing fetch with a dog. I have a sweet cat, but I really am a dog person at heart. Please throw an extra tennis ball for me! ❤

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