Valentine’s Day

Ah to be drinking a glass of wine while writing a blog about Valentine’s Day, how nice. 🙂

My flowers

My flowers

I have always been somewhat a hopeless romantic, so I can safely say I have always loved Valentine’s Day even when I single. I was not single this year though (I wasn’t last year either but that not for this blog). To start off I will say Justin and I do not go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day we wait until the weekend after. So I had some planning to do since he had to drive all the way to see me for it. I didn’t have much money for gifts this year so I did some crafts and made a yummy dinner as well as cookies for dessert.

I had class in the morning so I didn’t have a lot of time to get things ready, but I also didn’t think Justin was getting here until 7 pm, so I thought I’d have time. Justin was really sweet though and showed up early surprising me. It was awesome! He had brought my a vase full of flowers (all purple my, favorite! ) and a bouquet of chocolate. He also gave me two very gorgeous rings and two longer necklace chains. I felt so spoiled. We had time to just chill out we even took a nap lol. Then I got to it and made dinner, recipe here. Actually I made the cookies first so that we could actually have some after dinner. The cookies I found were red velvet cookies with cream cheese filling but I never got around to making the frosting filling so it was just the red velvet cookies, which were delicious. Then I made dinner and got to use my heart shaped ring. The dinner I made was chocolate chip banana pancakes, from scratch. They were adorable and Justin loved them! Then we curled up and watched a romantic movie before heading to bed. We watched the movie, The Switch, which was super funny a little chick flicky but we both enjoyed it. The nice thing about him coming up for Valentine’s Day was that then I got a 4 day week with him. It was super nice.

Since it’s been a few weeks I can also talk about the dinner we went out to for Valentine’s Day. Two weekends ago is when we ended up going out, we didn’t do anything major just went out to dinner. We went to a restaurant here in town at about 8 pm since that’s when he got here. We wanted someplace nice and/or new so I selected a restaurant that I had seen but no one I knew had been too but the Google reviews were good. It’s called the Copper Kettle and it was a really nice place and very good for a nice date. We ordered some moscato wine since that’s our favorite. We got some artichoke dip that came with bread for an appetizer it was really good. Justin got a nice steak and since we weren’t somewhere super fancy I got a steak sandwich (It’s still steak :P). It was super nice, we were able to talk and really just enjoy each other’s company. On our way home we picked up some more wine and had a glass at home while we bummed around at my apartment and watched stuff with my roommate.

I love Justin so much. It was all very lovely.


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