Loneliness, anxiety, and school

MMMMmmmm….. Subway. I have been craving it all day so I splurged a bit and got some for dinner. Partially because I have been doing well in my classes, so yay, and partially because I have been feeling a bit down. I have been the only one home yesterday and today and yesterday it was fine I did some packing and went through some of my other stuff. Today however when I didn’t have as much to do the blues set in and I’m a bit lonely to be honest. That coupled with other stuff has me feeling just down all around to be honest. Although writing this is helpful. 🙂 It sucks that two of my roommates have moved out and I miss them. And most of my friends went home for the summer, and so i’m alone a lot since cameo works and Hillary stays with her boyfriend which is good for her. Usually it’s okay but with two days of no one its been hard. Also my anxiety has been acting up lately.

I have always had anxiety issues. And they have always been really dumb things that I worry about. It’s never school or anything its more social things. So I just want to day that I’m sorry if I ever seem off or needy I’m not trying to be I just worry about dumb things. I have been working on it especially lately when things have been popping up that make me worry I try to ignore them and just not say anything to the people and so far its been okay. And hopefully it will continue to get better, i’d like to worry less.

I wish I would worry about school cause overall my grades are not stellar I’m not failing though either, but I’m sure I could be doing better if I applied  myself more. Like when I take summer classes and its everyday for 3 hours and that’s what I do for the day I do great in those classes, so maybe its just that I need that block scheduling where I don’t have some classes on some days. Anyway this summer I am taking 2 classes now and 1 or two a little later in the summer. The one I am in that I actually have class for is Social Psychology which is learning why people do what they do in groups. It is very interesting especially when you see yourself doing one of the things you have talked about in class. The other class I am taking is a Bio class that is super easy since it’s all the basic stuff.

Anywho I have worked on a few blogs today and they are set over the next few days. Sorry this rant is a little negative.


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