So In the last month I have been in 1 wedding and went to another one.

Justin’s older brother got married on April 27th, I was one of the bridesmaids. So for this wedding I have more to talk about. The Thursday before the wedding was her bachelorette party. We went to dinner and a burlesque show at the Wicked Moose Bar in Rochester. It was so much fun and the acts were very good, and there was humor too. After that we went to another bar and danced for awhile all in all it was a lot of fun! Friday was our nail day so all the girls went and did that and then grabbed lunch and then off to the rehearsal which was fun, a lot of joking around between bridal party members. After the rehearsal it was off to the groom’s dinner. Which was super yummy! After the rehearsal dinner Josh (the groom) went home with Justin to spend the night away from his bride and I went To Emily’s (The bride) to have a girls nights. It was a lot of fun. In the morning when Emily went to get her hair done me and the maid of honor and the flower girl went to go get ours done. After that we headed to the venue to get ready all together, and take some girl only pictures. Emily looked beautiful! And it was a wonderful ceremony, totally nerdy but that is what they wanted. They had games and the reception and giant dice to roll in order to kiss, and the take home favors were chocolate dice. It was wonderful and amazing. Sadly I don’t have many pictures but these are some taken by Justin’s amazing cousin Sami ❤ 

The second wedding was Justin’s youngest brother’s wedding. It was also fantastic.  Friday was the grooms dinner, once again it was very yummy and a lot of fun. A church ceremony which was beautiful and Katelyn (the bride) was too! After word we went to the venue which was this amazing building on a golf course. After pictures it was dinner and dancing and they had a great floor and lots of room to dance. They also had a photo booth which was tons of fun. All in all it was amazing and there was so much love at both weddings.


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