Lots of Stuff

So my blogging has been severely lacking lately and for that I apologize. I know I keep saying that too but I’d like to think this time my absence was for a good reason, many things have been happening. Many exciting things. First of all I have moved! Yay new places. I now live with Justin, which is wonderful after 2 years of only every seeing each other on weekends and an odd week here or there. Although i will say during the day I wonder what our neighbor does because there is always a lot of banging and stuff. Our pug seems to enjoy it for the most part. Sometimes, like yesterday she seems a little lonely now that there aren’t other dogs here, and i’m sure not being kenneled all day (since I don’t have a job i’m home all day). Mostly though she just hangs out with me and sleeps. She is such a good dog.

The other big thing is that I finished college! Whoo! I’m all adult now and out in the real world. Ya know it’s not all that great. When I was in school I felt I had a purpose a see-able goal. Now it’s like okay, now what? And I have no idea now what. Most degrees in my field require a masters or higher but I can’t afford the schooling.., at least not right now but I am looking forward to it and maybe if I get a job then I can. We shall see though.

I have other BIG news but I think I will give that a blog all it’s own cause its special 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lots of Stuff

  1. Yah glad to see toured clogging again and just want to say…I’m soo happy for you Kell. Sad youve moves away but hapoy for you none the less! And what a great thing to be done with school too. You’ll find tour place out in the adukt world some day…just may take time. I still dont know what i want to do and I have a full time job. Lol.

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