Hello! I don’t know what to title my Wednesday’s so yeah. 🙂

So my last about me posts were my proposal and that I graduated. I think I also mentioned that I moved, yay! Now I also have a job, but i don’t get many hours so boo. 😦 I will post a gallery of pictures after this post. WARNING some may contain blood.

Anyway, a lot of other things have happened too! The first weekend that I had moved, Justin and I went out with friends of ours and there kids to a concert in the park. It was so much fun and good music too! It was Apollo Cobra and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. We got there extra early to get right up front. And we did we also had a picnic at the park since we were there so early. We got to meet Thao before the show and get autographs from both her and Apollo Cobra it was awesome!!

Another night after moving I went out with my maid of honor just to get drinks and hang out. It was fun we went to a pub and got dinner and a drink and then to another to listen to a band and another drink then we walked around down by the river here, and guess what happened?! My friend ripped her earring out of her ear when it got caught on her ring. Bloody!! Plus then we spent most of the night in the hospital so that she could get stitches but it was worth it it was a great time. Man I adore that girl. 🙂

Other than that my dad has come to visit a few times and we went to the zoo and the historical center and that was a lot of fun. I like being able to see my dad. Also my Sister and my Grandma and Baby Madi also came to visit. We cooked out when they were here and when MAdi was being fussy Justin soothed her, it was so cute! He will make a great dad some day. 🙂

Other than that, just a lot of arranging here at home and wedding planning. 🙂 Until next week!

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