Tasty Tuesday – 9/24 – English Muffin Bread and Taco Noodles

Two Recipes again today! I have been a busy bee apparently.

English Muffin Bread

I have always loved English muffin bread so when I found this recipe I was super excited.

This is a recipe on One Good Thing by Jillee.


  • 5 1/2 cups warm water
  • 3 packages yeast or 6 3/4 tsp for those that don’t buy packets like me (1 packet = 2 1/4 tsp)
  • 2 Tablespoons salt
  • 3 Tablespoons sugar
  • 11 cups flour (I used all purpose but you can use bread flour)


Mix altogether (you can use a mixer but make sure you have a big bowl, mixing can also be done by hand which is the way I did it)(If not used rapid rise yeast let rise to top of bowl, or for some yeast it says let sit 10 min, I did the latter since that’s what my yeast said), then spoon into well greased loaf pans (full recipe needs 4 loaf pans).  Let rise in pans until dough reaches the top of the pans, and bake in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes or until golden brown. But keep an eye on it as every oven is different. 10 minutes before done, brush with melted butter. Makes 4 loaves. Bread will be moist at first. Allow to COOL COMPLETELY before cutting.

Taco Noodles

Found this Recipe at Canadian Moms Cook.


  • 1/2 – 3/4 of a 16 oz. bag of large noodle pasta like ziti (I used Penne Zitoni)
  • 1lb of ground beef (about)
  • 1 pkg/envelope of taco seasoning
  • 1C water
  • 1/2 pkg of cream cheese (about 4oz)
  • 1 1/2 C shredded cheese (I used a mix)


Boil pasta until just cooked, drain, run cold water over it. Brown ground beef, mix together taco season and water, Pour over cooked beef and let simmer for about 5 minutes until the liquid has reduced. Add the cream cheese to the beef mixture, stir until melted and combined, remove from heat. Put pasta in your casserole dish mix in 1 cup of the shredded cheese )I did a heaping cup because I like cheese). Top pasta and cheese with beef mixture, gently mix until the pasta is coated. Top with remaining 1/2 cup of shredded cheese (I did not measure top cheese just sprinkled until top was covered). Bake at 350 uncovered for approx 30 minutes.

This is great, and for our family of two made plenty of left overs!


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