Wednesday Wanderings – 10/3

First of all I am never trusting auto post again. But since it didn’t auto post it means I can update it, to the stuff that has happened today.

So this last week not to much has happened. My fiance’s long time on again off again friend came to visit. It’s the first time I got to meet  him but it was very nice to be able to see them catch up and have fun together they both really enjoyed it.

I also went and stayed a night at my parents place. Mainly because the day before I went and saw my best guy friend who is still in college so I don’t get to see him very often. We had a lot of fun! He showed me some Kerbal Space program stuff and some other steam games. And we went to lunch and a bike ride. We got to talk a lot and just chill It was awesome.

The next day I got to spend it with my dad, and we got to talk and bike and it was awesome. I miss my family a lot sometimes. Since I moved I don’t see them much, actually I guess I didn’t see them much before either, but it feels different now cause I’m further away. Don’t get me wrong I really like it here and I love living with Justin and the pug. Sometime it would just be nice to be able to visit for just a few hours and come back but with  the drive a few hours doesn’t seem right. I don’t know maybe I am just crazy.

Anyway my new news for today is: the pug is sick 😦 She has to get her uterus removed and be spayed. So that is going to happen tomorrow. 😦 I will keep you updated.


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