Time of year, Age, or something in the air?

I’m not sure what it is but man there has been a lot of weddings lately and there are only more to come, including my own! What sucks about that is, it means I need to plan my wedding around others because I don’t want to “copy” any one or have the same dress or first dance song or anything. It kinda sucks. Plus then when I hear what other people are thinking of doing I don’t know if I should change what I was thinking of to not be similar to their wedding even if it’s after mine. I’m sure your reading this and thinking to yourself who cares it’s your wedding and that’s just it I care. I want my wedding to be remebered and not be similar to others. Which is one reason there are some details I’m not letting people know, like our first dance song.
Everything else however I will keep you updated on. Like recently we booked our honeymoon! I am so excited we are going to Antigua so it will be nice and tropical and awesome! We plan on doing scuba diving and boating and all sorts of fun outdoor honeymoony stuff! But before that we have to get through the wedding. Which means we still need to locate a florist, bakery, and I need to find a place for hair and makeup. Otherwise we have everything lined up just need to meet with our photographer and our minister. Things are going well. Although I should probably finish my save the dates and get to work ordering the paper for my invitation… I decided to hand make them. We will see how that goes. I’ll keep you updated. 🙂


One thought on “Time of year, Age, or something in the air?

  1. Kell yes it is your wedding. Id say so what makes you happy. When I was planning our wedding also a lot of people i knew were getting married too or already had. I was nervous about the same thing. But you can’t worry about that stuff otherwise your end product wedding you won’t be happy with. If some things are the same then they’re the same,doesn’t mean you won’t have an unforgettable night. Just my two cents. 🙂 Plus if you need help with anything let me know! About 7 months left! !

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