Ugh Money

I hate that what I can do for my wedding is defined by how much money we can save. Which lets be honest J and I suck at saving money, which means it is our own fault that we are in this position but at the same time it sucks because we have so many good ideas that we can’t do because of money. We had originally thought about doing like a crowd source thing but it’d be embarrassing plus we didn’t know where we would post it so we didn’t look like jerks. I’m sure some of you reading this are like you should have saved better and we tried and for awhile we did but with all the bills we pay we don’t have a whole ton of money left over and we need to buy groceries so we saved what we could and got a good chuck of stuff paid for but now it’s crunch time and it’s like oh crap we are short well basically barely cutting it. I suppose you could blame our honeymoon on that too, but that’s what we wanted was a nice honeymoon because otherwise we won’t ever do one. And that we got paid for as we saved for it. ?It’s just the fact that all our big expenses are due at once so we can’t afford the little things, it sucks but I guess what can you do? we will do our best at the most important thing is that we are getting married.


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