Wednesday Wanderings – 10/3

First of all I am never trusting auto post again. But since it didn’t auto post it means I can update it, to the stuff that has happened today.

So this last week not to much has happened. My fiance’s long time on again off again friend came to visit. It’s the first time I got to meet  him but it was very nice to be able to see them catch up and have fun together they both really enjoyed it.

I also went and stayed a night at my parents place. Mainly because the day before I went and saw my best guy friend who is still in college so I don’t get to see him very often. We had a lot of fun! He showed me some Kerbal Space program stuff and some other steam games. And we went to lunch and a bike ride. We got to talk a lot and just chill It was awesome.

The next day I got to spend it with my dad, and we got to talk and bike and it was awesome. I miss my family a lot sometimes. Since I moved I don’t see them much, actually I guess I didn’t see them much before either, but it feels different now cause I’m further away. Don’t get me wrong I really like it here and I love living with Justin and the pug. Sometime it would just be nice to be able to visit for just a few hours and come back but with  the drive a few hours doesn’t seem right. I don’t know maybe I am just crazy.

Anyway my new news for today is: the pug is sick 😦 She has to get her uterus removed and be spayed. So that is going to happen tomorrow. 😦 I will keep you updated.


Wednesday Wanderings

What do you think of that for a title?
Anywho, so far today is mostly a good day, a lazy day. I’m here with my bagel and hot chocolate curled up on the couch all nice and snug 🙂  and know it’s going to be a lazy day because my dog didn’t even get out of bed when everyone got up. However I notice my Tuesday post did not post 😦 I am keeping my schedule people! So I will go in a check it and make sure that gets up and working today! I have decided for Tuesday posts as long as I am only doing 2 recipes I will only make one post.

All right so what has happened in a week. I had my friend Emily over and we watched some thriller movies. First we watched Heathers which set in the eighties so the phrases used were really funny. It was a really good movie one I would recommend, The next movie we watched was American Mary, which wasn’t quite what we were expecting from the description but was very very good and we both loved it! Between and during both movies we talked and caught up. Man I love that girl, I’m so excited she is my MoH.

Also during the week my dad visited again, which was very nice. We were going to go biking but when he got down here he had a flat so that didn’t happen. 😦 Then we left and just drove around for a long while which was nice cause we both enjoy that and it gave us lots of time to talk then we came back into town and went to Old Country Buffet for lunch and it was very yummy. After lunch we played some mini golf, another favorite of ours. In the end we tied but man there was some funny shots and misses, and toward the end I got a hole in 1! Whoo! Then after that we went walking in place of the biking. We went to a park down here called Quarry Hill and walked all over and up and down. It was a lot of fun and was a great day for it, a bit chilly but with all the hills it was nice to not be hardcore sweating. After that Dad brought me home and headed back to his place, while I waited for Justin to come get me so we could hang out with his parents and work on the wedding list and go grocery shopping, it was a blast hanging out with them. Always is.

Also this past weekend my parents, Justin, and I went to visit my Grandma up north. On the way we stopped at this sculpture garden which we always have seen and said we should stop. That was very interesting. I have no pictures since I left my phone in the car but I will post some when I get them from my Mom. We all had fun there and then continued our journey north and got to my Grandmas house and chatted. Justin wasn’t feeling well so Mom and Grandma made him lay down while we went out into the garden and picked veggies. Then we played Phase 10, just before dinner Justin got up and played Grandmas hand so she could finish up the food. Then we ate the delicious meal, as Justin said a mini thanksgiving with chicken. Then we finished up our game and headed home. It was a very nice Sunday.

The only other new is I got a new job. A full time job! Yay! More money and hours. And fear not the hours I start will give me sufficient time to blog. During the 5 weeks if training however my blogs will probably be posted in the evenings instead of during the day. Alright that’s it until next week, have a great week everyone!


The Pug not getting out of bed

Hello! I don’t know what to title my Wednesday’s so yeah. 🙂

So my last about me posts were my proposal and that I graduated. I think I also mentioned that I moved, yay! Now I also have a job, but i don’t get many hours so boo. 😦 I will post a gallery of pictures after this post. WARNING some may contain blood.

Anyway, a lot of other things have happened too! The first weekend that I had moved, Justin and I went out with friends of ours and there kids to a concert in the park. It was so much fun and good music too! It was Apollo Cobra and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. We got there extra early to get right up front. And we did we also had a picnic at the park since we were there so early. We got to meet Thao before the show and get autographs from both her and Apollo Cobra it was awesome!!

Another night after moving I went out with my maid of honor just to get drinks and hang out. It was fun we went to a pub and got dinner and a drink and then to another to listen to a band and another drink then we walked around down by the river here, and guess what happened?! My friend ripped her earring out of her ear when it got caught on her ring. Bloody!! Plus then we spent most of the night in the hospital so that she could get stitches but it was worth it it was a great time. Man I adore that girl. 🙂

Other than that my dad has come to visit a few times and we went to the zoo and the historical center and that was a lot of fun. I like being able to see my dad. Also my Sister and my Grandma and Baby Madi also came to visit. We cooked out when they were here and when MAdi was being fussy Justin soothed her, it was so cute! He will make a great dad some day. 🙂

Other than that, just a lot of arranging here at home and wedding planning. 🙂 Until next week!

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So my life has now settled in comfortably, and I have formulated a schedule. I will be blogging 2-3 three times a week. I will to Tuesday and that will be my food day and I will post at least one recipe and maybe something more, it will be Tasty Tuesday. I will post Wednesday and that will just be about my life and whats going on.  And then when I have something to post Friday will be wedding stuff either about mine or in general. 🙂 It will be awesome. And in Fact I have two recipes for you today so head over to food 🙂

Lots of Stuff

So my blogging has been severely lacking lately and for that I apologize. I know I keep saying that too but I’d like to think this time my absence was for a good reason, many things have been happening. Many exciting things. First of all I have moved! Yay new places. I now live with Justin, which is wonderful after 2 years of only every seeing each other on weekends and an odd week here or there. Although i will say during the day I wonder what our neighbor does because there is always a lot of banging and stuff. Our pug seems to enjoy it for the most part. Sometimes, like yesterday she seems a little lonely now that there aren’t other dogs here, and i’m sure not being kenneled all day (since I don’t have a job i’m home all day). Mostly though she just hangs out with me and sleeps. She is such a good dog.

The other big thing is that I finished college! Whoo! I’m all adult now and out in the real world. Ya know it’s not all that great. When I was in school I felt I had a purpose a see-able goal. Now it’s like okay, now what? And I have no idea now what. Most degrees in my field require a masters or higher but I can’t afford the schooling.., at least not right now but I am looking forward to it and maybe if I get a job then I can. We shall see though.

I have other BIG news but I think I will give that a blog all it’s own cause its special 🙂

Loneliness, anxiety, and school

MMMMmmmm….. Subway. I have been craving it all day so I splurged a bit and got some for dinner. Partially because I have been doing well in my classes, so yay, and partially because I have been feeling a bit down. I have been the only one home yesterday and today and yesterday it was fine I did some packing and went through some of my other stuff. Today however when I didn’t have as much to do the blues set in and I’m a bit lonely to be honest. That coupled with other stuff has me feeling just down all around to be honest. Although writing this is helpful. 🙂 It sucks that two of my roommates have moved out and I miss them. And most of my friends went home for the summer, and so i’m alone a lot since cameo works and Hillary stays with her boyfriend which is good for her. Usually it’s okay but with two days of no one its been hard. Also my anxiety has been acting up lately.

I have always had anxiety issues. And they have always been really dumb things that I worry about. It’s never school or anything its more social things. So I just want to day that I’m sorry if I ever seem off or needy I’m not trying to be I just worry about dumb things. I have been working on it especially lately when things have been popping up that make me worry I try to ignore them and just not say anything to the people and so far its been okay. And hopefully it will continue to get better, i’d like to worry less.

I wish I would worry about school cause overall my grades are not stellar I’m not failing though either, but I’m sure I could be doing better if I applied  myself more. Like when I take summer classes and its everyday for 3 hours and that’s what I do for the day I do great in those classes, so maybe its just that I need that block scheduling where I don’t have some classes on some days. Anyway this summer I am taking 2 classes now and 1 or two a little later in the summer. The one I am in that I actually have class for is Social Psychology which is learning why people do what they do in groups. It is very interesting especially when you see yourself doing one of the things you have talked about in class. The other class I am taking is a Bio class that is super easy since it’s all the basic stuff.

Anywho I have worked on a few blogs today and they are set over the next few days. Sorry this rant is a little negative.


So I apparently suck lol. I said I was going to be posting blogs and I really just haven’t. Partly because i was working on stuff for my friends wedding, partly because school is wrapping up and i have a lot to do, and partly because I am incredibly lazy and I don’t know what to write about. But I do have a small list of things I want to get up here, the ones I talked about in the last blog are partially started so I will have those up plus a blog about the wedding and about spending two years with a very wonderful man. So be excited!!